Argentina Maxim Nordenfelt Model 1895


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This is an extremely rare and original Argentina Maxim Nordenfelt Model 1895 serial number 47, in excellent condition. This machine gun is fully operational and it has all factory matching serial numbers except for the barrel, which has never been welded. It comes with a tripod. “Only a few of the original 50 Maxim Nordenfelt guns are know to have survived. There are probably less than 10 MNG&ACL Maxims in the United States today,” according to Dolf L. Goldsmith author of The Devil’s Paintbrush – Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun.

Argentina was an early user of the Maxim and began by ordering 50 Maxims from the Maxim Nordenfelt Guns and Ammunition Company Limited in England in 1895.  These first 50 guns were given Argentine Army serial numbers 1-50 and chambered in the 7.65×53 Belgium Mauser caliber. This is number 47 of the original 50 guns.

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