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Introducing…M240 SELECT FIRE ™

Finally…A PRACTICAL improvement for the M240 Weapon System!

Instant select fire capability with no hassle. Simply remove the original trigger group, and install the new Select Fire Trigger Pack into your M240 weapon system.

OOW Select Fire Trigger Pack supports all MAG and M240 Variants Including the following:

  • C6 GPMG – Canada
  • L7A1 / L7A2 – Great Britain
  • M971 – Brazil
  • KSP 58B – Sweden/Latvia
  • Type 74 – Taiwan


The patented trigger pack design features a selector to rapidly switch from semi-automatic to full-automatic firing. Designed with G.I. JOE in mind, following the K.I.S.S. requirement, it universally fits all MAG and M240 variants, is interchangeable with the push of one pin and requires no significant additional training.


To ensure combat reliability, we gave the trigger pack a brutal beating in the factory…tested it, dropped it and shot it until our fingers bled!

  • Endurance tested with ten thousand rounds fired in full and semi-automatic modes without failure.
  • Drop tested at all angles from 2 meters. Sear stayed engaged regardless of shock to the system!
  • Selector resistance remains constant after endurance testing of 10k rounds.
  • Trigger pull remains positive to mil-spec after 10,000 rounds fired.


With the availability to switch from semi to full-automatic, the war fighter can now engage single targets or recon by fire without revealing the machine gunner’s position. The versatility of the trigger pack and improved accuracy of the semi-automatic mode provides the gunner with the option of switching between the role of machine gunner and rifleman. These options alone will broaden the strategic and tactical options and provide distinct battlefield advantages.

Click here to watch the video on the M240 Select Fire!

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