Rare Portuguese Contract GNR Marked P.38 Pistols


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In 1961 the Portuguese adopted the P-38  (9mm – Aluminum Frame) as the service sidearm of the Guarda Nacional Republicana or GNR. This variant is one of the earliest and most elusive military contracts made by Walther after WW2. Long referred to in articles and publications but never shown in photos, this extremely uncommon P-38 contract was thought to have been destroyed by the Portuguese government. This small lot of about 80 pistols was imported several years ago by Century International in a group of West German P-38’s. The pistols are in excellent condition overall but do show varying degrees of honest holster wear. Not bad for pistols that have been in continuous service since the early 1960’s. the pistols are dated 1961, 1962, or 1964 only and are part of a small number originally produced. These GNR P-38’s include their original Walther factory boxes numbered to the pistol. Get yours now before they’re gone!

1 in stock

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