Pistol Shooting Tips From 20 Sharpshooters

Whether you’re hitting the range for fun, protecting your home or in the line of duty, you want every shot to be accurate.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have as much time as you’d like to practice your shooting. When you finally do get to the range, you need to get the most of our your time—and ammo. To get you the best pistol shooting tips, we asked 20 experts “What is your #1 “go to” pistol shooting drill to improve accuracy?”

Ball ammo is live ammo.  Dummy ammo is inert.

Just load your magazines with a combination of live ammo and dummy ammo.  When you try to fire the dummy round (thinking it’s a live round), you’ll see the muzzle dip slightly (or more). That’s the flinch, or anticipation if you prefer.  You will work on your concentration to make sure you don’t yank the trigger the next time a dummy round comes up, and as a result, you’ll be pressing the trigger better, have better follow through, and your groups will shrink significantly.

Note, this can be done with a revolver by leaving one or more chambers empty.

This is a drill people should do a few times a year, just as a tune-up.

For pure accuracy: a focus drill at close range, such as 4-5 yards. Object: every bullet in the same hole. Done at close range because a hit three inches out at 25 yards could be attributed to the gun or the ammo, but at 4 yards, the shooter doesn’t kid himself about whether or not human error was involved.



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