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Standard Package:
– Walnut 1918A3 SLR
– (2) 20rd. Magazines *
– Web Sling
– Bipod
– Carrying Handle
– Flash Hider **
– Bolt Hold Open Device
– Cleaning Kit
– Manual
– Magnet
– Field Stripping and Cleaning USB Video
1918A3-SLR BAR Custom Cut Hard Cases Available (sold separately)

Shipping Restrictions:

  • NO shipments to California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New York and Washington
  • New Jersey version includes *(2) 10rd. magazines and a **modified flash hider: +$206.00
  • Colorado version includes *(2) 15rd. magazines: + $206.00
  • Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont and Washington D.C. version includes *(2) 10rd. magazines: +$206.00
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Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 10 × 8 in

Standard, New Jersey, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont & Washington D.C.

19 reviews for 1918A3-SLR

  1. Richard Alley

    I love mine. While the price is high, the quality is outstanding. It fires accurately and functions flawlessly. It always attracts a group when I take it to the long range. It took some usage to get used to the flip up peep sight for distances, but again it works great.

  2. Andrew

    Got mine as a gift to myself and was helped immensely by all of the staff. The gun its self is a dream. I find some older surplus ammo on the lightest gas setting has issue ejecting. But the regulator can be turned up easy. Its sturdy, accurate as you can shoot it, and is something that no one else has. A nice high end AR-15/10 is something that has its place and can be appreciated by a fine eye. But this firearm draws in a lot more

  3. Matthew

    It is a quality built piece of Art. I love mine. It functions without a flaw. I think it’s well worth the price.

  4. Rob R

    I have owned many of the 1918A3 and still have a 1918 and 1918A look semi BARs. They work great and wonderful to shoot.

  5. George Pantos

    There are not enough superlative adjectives in the English language to describe my 1918A3 SLR. I simply love it. It is a masterpiece of technical engineering and meticulous execution. John M. Browning would be very satisfied with this copy of his original BAR. It functions flawlessly and exudes high quality workmanship and incredible attention to detail. Its full complement of accessories and fitted Pelican case augment the overall value and attraction of this iconic firearm. This rifle is most definitely worth its price as well as the special place it occupies in my collection.

  6. umd103

    Incredible weapon, my uncle carried one in the Korean War and still had the bipod which he gave me for the one I purchased. Definitely an eye catcher at the range.. would recommend to friends to get one.

  7. William Adams

    I own one I love it very well made.

  8. alexmoon

    I got mine almost 10 years ago….. Back when they were able to be shipped to California.

    Every time I shoot it, I feel like I am experiencing history. I am, quite literally, a product of this rifle. I am the son of parents who were liberated by American forces and the men who carried this rifle into battle against Nazi Germany and Communist North Korea (my father is Korean, my mother is Hungarian).

    Yes, every time I bring it to the range, it draws a crowd. Interestingly, I get the most questions and comments from the younger generation which makes me happy to see they are interested in historic weapons.

    Hip-firing a full magazine while laying down “walking fire” will surely put a smile on anyone’s face.

  9. Nick

    Outstanding reproduction of a WWII great and the weapon used by Steve McQueen in the movie”The Sand Pebbles.” I have owned mine since 1998 and it has functioned flawlessly. The gas port will adjust for different types of ammo or when the gun is new / unbroken in. Accuracy is very good. The sight is designed for area firing on full auto and not for precision shooting just as Uncle Sam intended. If you are a fan of US military weapons you will not be disappointed with the purchase.

  10. Joe Bergeman

    I brought one several years ago. Great gun beautiful workmanship. Accurate and fun to shoot.

  11. Gary Jones

    I got mine in 2005. Has performed flawlessly through many thousand of round. One of my favorite and greatest weapons.

  12. Mark Kosevich

    Owned this rifle since 2007. Heavy duty well built rifle. Accuracy is very good. Shot at targets 440 yards away with iron sights and with minor adjustments was on the paper. Had minor problem with one pivot pin breaking and had the action get jammed once, sent in for repair. Other than that, no problems. My favorite rifle

  13. Brad Bishop

    Been wanting one of these for over 20 years but always decided to hold off due to expense. The one I just bought exceeds ALL expectations, it is as others have stated, a work of art. Arsenal new, flawless in operation and true to the origianal (which I’ve fired numerous time via friends who own them). My only regret is I waited so many years to acquire one!

  14. Scott Smith (verified owner)

    I got mine in January of this year. Gorgeous rifle that is a dream to shoot! I was the center of attention at the “toy store” when I picked mine up. Every single person that has done a mag dump has had a smile so big you could count every tooth in their mouth! The ladder sight works fantastic. No problems reaching out and hitting a 2 liter bottle at 300 yards. I did get a longer sling to match the length of what was used in the field for walking fire. The rifle hags down around my waist now instead of the center of my chest. It makes carrying this monster much less awkward. Several of my friends have mentioned that they have never seen a firearm with a 4 digit serial number.

  15. Luis Guilbe

    Just pick up mine today. Very well made. Going to take it to the range as soon as I can. It was on my bucket list for awhile. Now finally own one. Thanks guys.

  16. Todd Sturm (verified owner)

    I have been waiting forever to be able to purchase one of these. Ordered in July and it showed up Aug 16th (ahead of estimated shipping times)
    What a magnificent beast it is. My son and I do WIII / Korean re-enacting. While I’ll have to replace some parts to make it WWII compliant (gas regulator, sling, and bipod), overall this weapon is a 10/10. So happy to finally own this classic
    Well done OOW. Can’t wait to go shoot it with live rounds and blanks with the BFA.

  17. Todd Sturm (verified owner)

    Received mine in Aug 2022. What a beautiful piece of equipment My son and I do WW2 re-enactments and this is definitely the piece of history and firepower that our squad needs.
    Had to change out a few things to make his historically correct like the bipod and gas regulator and stock to a Bakelite plastic stock.
    Thanks for a great piece of history

  18. Jerry John Lovik

    I have owned several of these and they are all excellent plus more. I shoot mine all the time and have one for each of my grandsons when they are old enough. We are lucky that Bob had the vision to create this rifle for us to enjoy!

  19. Thomas (verified owner)

    I purchased my 1918-A3 last year. It is a beautiful Second Amendment tool. It has become my favorite gun. I haven’t fired a ton of ammo through it yet, but with every round fired, it functioned perfectly. The longest range that I have fired at is about 200 yards. The iron sights were pretty accurate for sure and as mentioned, the gun performed very well. I enjoy just looking at the gun sometimes. It is beautiful to look at. It is like checking out a very pretty woman, a classic car or motorcycle, or an airplane. It also has a long historic ancestry tied to it. Yes, it is a heavy weapon and 100-year-old technology designed by a genius, John Browning. But the quality in manufacture is really nice. Ohio Ordnance gets an A +++ vote from me. My salesperson/technician in Ohio Ordnance was “Craig”. He was great. Very friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and concerns as I had quite a few. He walked me through everything and took care of all of the proper Sales, Transfer, FFL and shipping concerns explaining everything in detail to me. The FFL business that my gun was sent too then took care of the Background Check and final sales paperwork. Thank you, “Craig” and Ohio Ordnance for producing the 1918-A3.

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